10 Reasons Why Cosmic Pets Crates and Carriers are the Best!

  1. Canvas crates are are a great alternative if you don’l like the look of too much metal. Dog crates and cat carriers are available in black, blue, maroon and pink
  2. Great for travel. Being lightweight the pet crates and carriers are ultra-portable, making it easy to travel with. Taking your pet to the vet, park, pet show or on holiday has never been easier.
  3. Easy to set up. No tools are needed to assemble or dismantle these soft-sided dog and cat crates.
  4. Can be used as indoor kennel. The crates and carriers can be used as a pet bed. Many dogs show less anxiety when they have access to and enclosed comfy “den”.
  5. Less vehicle wear and tear. Rounded, Reinforced Corners ensure that when loading or off-loading the crate will not damage your car less than wire, square corners.
  6. Three opening for easy access. Doors are located at the top, front and side making loading three times as easy.
  7. Collapsible: Save space when not in use. Conveniently folds to 7cm when not in use.
  8. Crate training. The perfect training aid for puppies and older dogs
  9. Different Sizes. The best cat carrier, crate for dogs of all sizes form teacup breeds to Great Danes.
  10. Multipurpose: Perfect when used as a pet carrier in the car, for confinement to accelerate healing after surgery or as a show cage.

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How to assemble a Cosmic Pets soft crate?

  • The crate is made with a strong steel frame and can be assembled quick and easy without any tools
  • Fold the crate open and through the top access door locate both steel arms on the same side of the carrier to connect
  • Slide the reinforced, strong plastic covering down the steel and connect the two steel arms. Slide the reinforced, strong plastic sleeve back in place to cover both ends of the steel that has been connected
  • Repeat with the other side
  • To fold the crate flat: Locate the steel frame through the top access door – slide the plastic sleeve away from where the steel frame poles meet, and disengage
  • Repeat with the other side
  • Fold the crate sides down towards the base, and click the plastic fasteners in place.

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