Are you thinking of buying a new cat tree, but worried that your cat might not show any interest in it? Follow these 5 easy steps to introduce your cat to new cat tree.

There are a number of aids at your disposal to encourage your kitty to explore the new cat scratching post. You can make use of catnip, treats or petting and playing. Utilize what works best with your cat’s personality.

  1. The cat tree should be placed in a position where your feline already likes to spend time. If the correct location was chosen, there is a good chance that your cat will investigate the new playground on their own, but if now some encouragement will help.
  2. Start by giving some tasty treats near the new cat furniture. Let your cat eat the treats while you praise and pet him. This helps to show your kitty that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the good things happen near the scratching post. If your cat seems nervous of the new post, you might want to repeat this step over a period of time until your cat becomes totally relaxed.You can also initiate a play session near the new scratching post – act natural and relaxed, as if the new piece of furniture does not exist. This will help your cat to get used to the new post. You can also sprinkle catnip around the floor of the base of the tree to temp your cat to get closer to the new piece of furniture.
  3. You should introduce your cat to the lowest platforms of the cat tree first. Get your kitty’s attention and drop treats or catnip leading to the cat tree and on the bottom platform. Encourage, praise and pet your cat when approaching the furniture. If your cat is hesitant do not force them, try again at a later stage. You can also play with your cat’s favorite toy, and once you have his attention hide the toy behind one of the lower posts. Cats are naturally curious, and this might temp him to investigate the scratching post.
  4. Once your cat is comfortable investigating the lower platforms, repeat the steps above with any additional platforms, condos or cat baskets on the cat tree. When introducing new furnishings to your cat gradually with play, praise, catnip and treats he will soon realize that the cat tower is full of excitement and rewards!
  5. Hanging toys such as pompoms or toy mice on elastic are irresistible to cats – make sure that the cat scratching post you purchase have these included to encourage your cat to investigate and play.

Most cats love being elevated, as being up high gives a sense of security. A positive and slow introduction will help to persuade any cat that the scratching post is a safe haven where he can scratch, pounce or nap the day away.

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