Here are some interesting advantages of using a collapsible pet carrier and dog crate over a wire or hard plastic crate.

Canvas dog crates offers an innovative design that enables you to fold them flat. This makes transport and storage much easier and convenient. These types of pet carriers are also lightweight and ultra-portable making them easy to carry around.

Collapsible pet carrier dog crate

The range of Cosmic Pets Collapsible pet carriers and dog crates is available in a range of colors including pink, maroon, blue and black and a favorite with pet owners that find metal crates ugly when used as an indoor kennel. The best soft dog crates are designed to include a number of doors and mesh panels to facilitate ventilation and visibility to keep your dog cool, calm and relaxed.

There are 9 different sizes available in the Cosmic Pets range of collapsible pet carriers, so finding the best travel dog crate has never been easier. The extra small and small sized pet carrier is ideal when used as dog carrier for small dogs, the medium dog carrier works well for terrier breeds, and the large dog crates that range from sizes XL dog crate, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL will accommodate any large dog breed. The biggest dog crate available is the 5XL and measures 130 (L) x 85 (W) x 95 (H)

The complete range of Cosmic Pets dog carriers and dog crates are available online from the Cool Pet online pet store.

The crates for large breed dogs are available in black or blue.

Fabric dog crates are the best for car travel as the design offers rounded reinforced material corners to limit damage to vehicle interiors when loading or removing of the dog crate, where many metal crates have sharp edges that can cause upholstery to be scratched or damaged.

Dog travel crates are available throughout South Africa – visit our online pet store.

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