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Between all the different dog toys, my pup and I enjoy playing tug of war games the most! It is a lot of fun, a great workout for us both and mentally stimulating for my dog.

If you’re looking to add some excitement when playing with your dog, why not add a game of tug to your dog’s daily routine. Tug is a great way to build a close bond with your dog and has the added benefits of being mentally and physically tiring.

Let us look at the benefits of playing tug of war with your pup.

Mental stimulation games for dogs

Tug of war is a game that offers physical and mental exercise for your dog and a great and easy way to burn off excess energy! You should also let your dog win every now and again – this will make the game enjoyable for you both and build your dog’s confidence.

Building a bond with your dog

Dogs are social animals – they just love spending time with people! Interactive play, such as tug, gives you an opportunity to spend quality time and strengthen your bond with your canine companion. Tug is a fulfilling activity for your dog and it is this kind of meaningful play that offers your pup an appropriate outlet to exert physical and mental effort.

Interactive dog games not only keep a dog happy and healthy, a vigorous game of tug is also a simple way to have rewarding interaction with your best friend.

Research studies suggest that the more often dogs participate in play the less likely they are to display behavioural problems. Dogs that tug with their owners are also found to be more playful and more likely to come when called! The type and frequency of play can also be an indicator of a dog’s happiness and overall quality of life.

Roughhousing games like tug of war give a boost to a dog’s confidence and these dogs are less likely to show separation anxiety-related behaviours.

Dog toys, tug of war toys, dog games

Tug in dog training

It is common to see dog trainers use tug toys as a positive reinforcer to reward desired behaviours in dogs. When the dog correctly achieves a task, he is rewarded with a quick game of tug. In some cases, you might not have treats handy and a dog that enjoys a game of tug can be rewarded anywhere anytime with the correct dog toy.

Top 7 tug of war benefits

  • It is very intense and great exercise for you and your dog – the idea is that you get very involved to make it extra fun
  • It is a wonderful doggy workout, both mentally and physically
  • Game of tug strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • Opportunity to practice obedience basics and help your dog to improve impulse control
  • Can be used as a positive reinforcer to reward good behaviour
  • Redirects destructive chewing.
  • Increased confidence in dogs, particularly if you let them win every now and again

You can’t go wrong with getting some tug of war dog toys and playing a game of tug with your K9 – it is fun, entertaining and a great way to exercise and mentally stimulate your dog at the same time. Dogs love playing interactive games with us – go on, grab a dog toy and tug away.

Dog Games, Tug of War Dog Toys, dog games

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