A Dog Crate is a Safe Retreat

Crate trained dogs find comfort when they have an enclosed space they can call their own. Create a safe retreat and include a cosy cushion or blanket and your dog will go to their bed when they are scared, overwhelmed or tired. In many instances you will find your pup curled up in their crate during thunderstorms or in the case of a firework display.

Use the Crate as a House Training Tool

When welcoming a new puppy into the home, crate training can help considerably with potty training, resulting in fewer accidents. Dogs and puppies do not like to soil their sleeping place, so use the crate as a dog bed to modify behaviour.

Crate Rest and During Healing

Unwell dogs find refuge, calm and safety when in an enclosed area, such as their crate. Minimise stress when transporting to the vet, or during healing from sickness or injury when back at home.

Crate On the Move

A crate gives you peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure when traveling. It also doubles as pet bed giving your dog a familiar comfortable place to rest when away from home.


You might need to contain your dog when at home, on a trip or at a dog show. Provide a safe enclosure with a dog crate, in a range of sizes and colours including crates for large dogs.

Pet Carrier

Canvas dog crates are not suitable for all K9s.
If your dog becomes agitated when confined or is a chewer, the fabric crate might not be able to withstand them when chewing or scratching at the mesh material and could get free. Where dogs have figured out how to open the zipper entrances, we suggest you link a paperclip through the two zippers to secure these in place.

What to consider before purchasing a dog crate.

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