Teaching your pup The right potty training ways

You can’t expect your puppy to be fully house-trained and fully reliable before he’s six-months-old. However, a dog can be house-trained by six weeks. A great deal is determined by your puppy’s size, breed and for the most part the efforts you put into house-training him.

There’s also the reality that your puppy won’t have sufficient bladder and bowel controls before he’s 16 weeks of age. Quite simply, he’s unable to “hold it” for extended periods so you must be extra vigilant during this period. You should start housetraining as soon as he put paws inside your home. It simply means that you need to expect your pup to have a handful of accidents. But don’t fret; this eBook features everything you’ll need to deal with little mishaps, from the best way to react to tips on how to clean up.

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