Cosmic Pets XL – 3XL Large Crates (Black)


Large crates are perfect for keeping your pet comfortable and contained during dog or cat shows. Cosmic Pets collapsible canvas crates can also be used as an indoor kennel or to crate train puppies or adult dogs.

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• Multiple doors on the top, front and side will make loading & unloading your pet three times as easy!
• Mesh panels ensure good ventilation and lets in plenty of air so your pet doesn’t get overheated
• Storage pockets keep treats and water handy and are conveniently located.
• Includes a sturdy steel frame and soft washable wool fleece
• Limited space available? No problem! A Collapsible crate folds flat to 7cm for compact storage.
• Can be used as an indoor kennel, show crate or pet bed.
• Comes standard with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Crate Size

2X Large, 3X Large, X Large




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