2-Knot Tug-O-War Rope Dog Toy

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Your pup will love this awesomely great rope toy!

Great for chewing, fetching, and tugging, this toy is designed for interactive play or solely for the purpose of chewing. This toy will help reduce tartar build-up and keep your dogs’ teeth healthy as they chew.


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2-Knot Tug-O-War Rope Dog Toy

  • Size:
  • Prevents dental diseases and massages your pooches’ gums and jaws.
  • Made of tightly braided polyester cloth that is long-lasting, pet-safe and will help to engage your pet for hours of fun chewing, tugging, tossing and fetching.
  • Machine-washable
  • Pet owner supervision is suggested
  • Not suitable for older dogs with sensitive gums and teeth

1 review for 2-Knot Tug-O-War Rope Dog Toy

  1. Rob Anderson

    You wonder how such a simple pull toy would keep my dogs so happy – right? Well, it definitely does. Thanks for this product.

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