A pet carrier facilitates the movement of pets such as rabbits, rodents, cats, small to medium sized dogs and pet birds.

cat carriers

Transportation is simplified with a handle or straps to make lifting the carrier easier with one hand.

Mesh panels or ventilation holes or openings must be included to ensure ample fresh air and that the pet does not overheat and remains comfortable.

There is a large number of different types of pet carriers (also sometimes referred to as pet crates) on the market made from a different material including wire crates, hard plastic carriers and soft-sided collapsible fabric carriers.

It is very important to review what the carriers will be used for – type of pet to be transported, size and weight will also determine the most suitable carrier as different types offer different features and benefits.

Wire and hard-plastic carriers often only offer one opening at the front – the door is usually made out of wire or thick plastic.

The most popular carriers are those that have multiple openings to improve access to your pet and to make loading easier.  The best pet carriers will have three doors – on the top, on the side and in front.

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