Canvas pet carriers are the best

Many owners are only looking for a pet carrier for the occasional trip to the vet, however, there are also different types available should pet owners like to participate in a cat or dog show, transport a pet via airline or to use the crate or carrier as a training aid to potty train puppies.

types of pet carriersFabric pet carriers

A fabric carrier is a versatile, comfortable, and collapsible option that facilitates safe and convenient travel for your pet.

Soft Dog Crates are light, moveable, easy to set up & take down. These are very well suited for everyday use.

Fabric crates are available in a range of different colours to match your individual style and additional mesh panels ensure that plenty of fresh air can circulate the carrier in order for a pet to stay cool. Soft-sided carriers use a strong fabric such as canvas material that reduces the risk pets such as dogs and birds injuring themselves as the soft materials do not carry the same risk as hard metal crates when birds flap their wings against the sides.

Soft-sided crates are not suitable for dogs that are diggers, chewers, aggressive dogs or dogs that experience anxiety while crated. They are also not approved for airline travel.

Available in a range of sizes for small to medium pets as well as large crates for big dogs or pet shows.