Caring for your injured dog or cat during confinement

Your vet might recommend confinement, or crate rest, after your dog or cat has injured themselves, or to accelerate healing after surgery. This can be an emotional and scary time for pet and owners, alike, and can last up to 6 weeks.

During the confinement period your pet is usually not allowed to run, jump or play rough. This can be devastating news for pet parents with cats or young and active dogs. A dog crate or playpen are great pet accessories to assist pet parents during this time.

What is cage rest?

Crate rest is all about restricting you cat or dog’s movement to assist with the healing process.


Dog Crate

When your pet has been prescribed cage rest, you would either need a dog crate or play pen during the confinement period. The crate or pen needs to be big enough to be comfortable but not that big that your pet can injure themselves further. The available space should not encourage running and no items that they can jump up or down from.

To determine the correct sized confinement area, ask your veterinarians’ advice.

However, in most cases the correct crate size for dogs would be where your pup can comfortably stand and turn around. Your dog should be in the crate whenever you are not able to completely give your full attention to your dog for instance while you are at work, cooking dinner or during the night. When you are able to give your dog limited exercise and toilet breaks ensure that your dog is on a leash to limit  running, jumping or rough-playing with any furry siblings.


For cats and smaller breed dogs where the requirement is to keep them confined, but where they might benefit from moving around a little, a pet playpen is a great accessory. A playpen is still small enough to keep your pet contained, but without the temptation to jump on furniture or to run around.

Whether in a dog crate or playpen, make sure that you create comfortable space where your pet can recover.

How to set up your play pen for cats during cage rest

The Cosmic Pets Collapsible Pet Playpens includes a removable base or floor as well as mesh cover (or roof) that can be used to completely close the top of the playpen. These playpens are easy to clean, extremely lightweight and can be moved from one room to another, or even outside without much trouble.

Pet Playpen

The pet playpens are big enough to dedicate special areas for sleeping, eating and space to add a litter box.

Each pet pen has two zippered doors on each side for convenient access to the inside of the pet pen. You can also access the pen from the top by opening the zip cover, should you be concerned that your cat might dash out through the door.

Pet playpen

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