Heated Pet Mat Bed Warmer


This heated mat is suitable for any pet big or small, including dogs, cats, rodents as well as litters, old or injured animals. Create a heated pet bed on cold nights. The mat is also ideal for whelping. The unit will take up to 15 minutes to reach peak temperature

  • One year guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature: 32-35 degrees Celsius
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% safe

Size: 45 x 60cm

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The premium carpet element is guaranteed for one year, but can be preserved for many more years by following these steps:
-Do not suffocate the rug, allow for ventilation on at least one side when in use.
-Do not bend or fold the rug.
-Do not plug in the carpet when wet.
-Do not drag or roll weighted objects over the rug.

Cleaning: Although the rug is waterproof, we recommend dry foam cleaning. This will preserve the element and eliminates waiting for the rug to dry. Do not wash in a washing machine. If wet cleaning is unavoidable, use washing powder or soap and a brush or cloth. Do not fold or bend while cleaning.


Underwriters Laboratories Inc is an independent, not-for-profit product safety and certification organization,which, since its founding in 1894, has held the undisputed reputation as the leader in U.S. product safety certification. In order to obtain approval to apply the UL mark, Warmup heaters and components were subjected to exhaustive testing at laboratories in New York and Chicago, and our factory in Johannesburg is inspected by a UL representative every three months. The UL mark is not strictly applicable in South Africa because of product detail changes to suit local conditions, but the same top-quality components, precise manufacturing techniques and exacting quality standards are applied to every product made by Warmup. When Warmup’s approval was granted in September 2003, it was the first approval granted by UL to any company worldwide for a heating panel designed for installation directly under carpet and similar combustible floor covering.

Fire. We have gone to every effort to ensure this product is not a fire hazard. However, suffocating the rug by covering it can overheat the element and cause the carpet to melt.
Shock. The element is insulated and the plug is earthed to prevent shock. Should the element become exposed for any reason, discontinue use of the rug immediately.
Snug-on a-Rug cannot be held liable damage resulting from neglect.


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