What is a pet carrier?

Pet carriers are used for the transportation of small domestic animals like cats, small, medium, or large sized dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and birds. The carrier usually comes with straps or a handle at the top to facilitate easy handling.

Pet carriers can be made from a variety of material including canvas, hard plastic or wire mesh. Carriers can differ by the number of doors or opening that they have.

With the hard-plastic type usually have one front opening, usually made out of wire. The best pet carriers are those that offer multiple access doors – in some cases up to three, one at the side, front and top for easy accessibility. Where the carrier needed for a large breed dog it is referred to as a dog crate.

What types of pet carriers are available

The styles available in the market cater for a range of preferences and uses. This is determined by the type of pet as well as the size and weight that need to be accommodated. There are also different types depending on the use – will the carrier’s function be mainly to take the pet to the vet, or will it be used at pet shows or as a training aid to assist with potty training puppies. There are different types and styles of pet carriers available, according to one’s specific needs, such as for when travelling by aeroplane or car and for a pet’s species, weight, and size.

Soft-sided pet carriers.

A soft-sided carrier is a multipurpose, cosy, and lightweight option that makes it easy for your pet to safely travel with you, wherever you might need to go.

Soft-sided crates are very accessible – with most of them offering multiple access doors. In some cases, up to three – one door on the side, on the front and at the top. Soft-sided carriers use a strong fabric such as canvas material that reduces the risk pets such as dogs and birds injuring themselves as the soft materials do not carry the same risk as hard metal crates.

Here are some of the reasons why soft-sided carriers are so popular

Movability – These pet carriers are light and easy to move around compared to hard plastic carriers or metal carriers. Usually, they are also collapsible and can be folded down for easy transportation or storage when not in use.

Fresh Air – Good ventilation is of utmost importance when you are travelling with your beloved pet. Enough fresh air should be able to penetrate the pet carrier to keep your dog or cat cool and comfortable. Canvas soft-sided carriers have many mesh panels to offer superior ventilation throughout the carrier. Many pets are also less anxious if they can observe the world while they are travelling, and the mesh panels give them an opportunity to see through the carrier.

Elegance – Most soft crates are made from a durable fabric or canvas and does not make use of plastic or metal components. These soft-sided carriers are available in a range of trendy colours from pink, blue, black and maroon to fit it with your lifestyle and your pet’s personality.

Two main considerations for choosing the best soft dog crate are:

 The size and weight of the pet when fully grown

You need to choose the correct size crate for your dog. The size and weight of the dog are the first consideration when purchasing soft crates for dogs.

When choosing the correct size pet carrier or dog crate you need to do the following measurements and compare these to the actual crate sizes: Measure the distance from the top of the nose to the root of the tail and from the ground to the highest point of the dog.

The carrier should be big enough for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around. When sitting or standing, there should be at least 7cm between the top of the dog’s head and the top of the dog crate.

Are you buying a crate for a puppy or a fully grown adult dog?

Puppies can be very busy and like to chew on, well, anything. If selecting a soft sided crate, keep an eye on puppies and make sure that there are enough toys or chew treats available for the pup to chew on, especially while teething. Always remember that puppies should not be left unattended for prolonged periods.

Adult dogs that have been crated trained before, are usually very good in soft-sided crates. If your dog tends to get anxious in confined spaces or tends to chew, a soft-sided dog crate might not be for you as the mesh panels can get ripped if a frightened dog tries to get out of the confined space.

Would a Soft Carriers be good to use with Small Dogs?

When travelling with a small or teacup breed dog a soft carrier is a great option. Many small dogs can get anxious when out in unfamiliar areas, therefore, a carrier is necessary – this gives them the safety and security when travelling with their owner. A soft carrier is a great choice for dogs of any size!

One of the best soft-sided dog carriers on the market today is from Cosmic Pets. With sizes ranging from extra small and in a range of colours, you are bound to find a Cosmic Pets dog carrier perfect for you and your pup.

Are Soft Kennels Suitable for My Large Dog?

When carriers are needed more for confinement or used for larger breed dogs, then they are referred to as dog crates. When considering any dog crate, you need to review the use and your lifestyle. If you are planning to travel with your large dog, a soft crate is in most cases more portable and easier to handle than a hard plastic or wire dog crate.

Top 10 reasons why soft, fabric dog crates are the best!

 With many options on the market, it can be hard to select the correct crate for you and your dog.  Soft-side crates are one of the best options if your pup is not aggressive when confined or isn’t a chewer – let’s review top 10 reasons why soft-sided dog crates are the best!

  1. Stylish. Canvas soft dog crates are made from fabric and come in a variety of funky colours to match your personality – it is also a great option if you don’t like the look of metal crates.
  2. Light and Ultra-portable. These crates are much lighter than those made from hard plastic or metal, making them great for travelling with your pet.
  3. Collapsible. Soft dog crates are so easy to assemble and to collapse flat to only 7cm. Great for compact storage when not being used.
  4. Indoor kennel or pet bed. Crates can be used indoors as a pet bed. This helps reduce anxiety when you need to travel with your pet. The crate is familiar and a home away from home.
  5. Smoothed, Strengthened Corners. Rounded corners make for less vehicle damage when loading or off-loading and reduce wear and tear on the crate – making soft sided crates the best dog crates for car travel
  6. Three Openings. Access doors are available on the front side and top offering more convenient entry and exit points for your pet.
  7. Ventilation. Mesh panels offer ample ventilation to ensure that your dog remains comfortable and cool while travelling.
  8. Training aid. Perfect to help with house training puppies or crate training dogs
  9. Available in 9 sizes. Best carrier for small dogs but also sturdy crate for large breed dogs
  10. Multipurpose. Can Ideal pet accessory when travelling in the car, as a training tool, for confinement or as an indoor kennel or pet bed.

Choosing the Best Cat Carrier

Selecting the best carrier for your cat is an advisable activity – a great carrier gives your cat that extra bit of security and can help make travel less stressful for both you and your pet.

You should never travel with your cat without a carrier – it can be dangerous for both of you. An uncontained and anxious cat can quickly dart away, climb anywhere in the car – including under the climb anywhere in the car, including under your petrol or brake pedals, or get twisted in your steering wheel. If the cat gets a fright there can be scratching and biting, all of which could hamper your ability to drive safely. Once you arrive at your destination, a loose cat can also bolt from your vehicle or arms and many pets have been lost or injured because owners have been unable to catch them. A cat carrier is a must for any responsible cat owner. Your A cat who is not secured in a carrier can bolt from the car or from your arms and can get lost or injured before you can react.

With a plethora of options on the market from soft-sided, hard plastic, colourful, large, small or wooden, how do you go about selecting the right carrier for your cat?

Let us consider the likes and dislikes of a cat – they like dark, enclosed cosy spaces. It gives them the sense of security and makes them feel safe. When they are anxious or stressed, they like to make themselves “small”. Cats also do not like being forced into tight space – so do not opt for a carrier that only gives you one door.

Choosing the correct size carrier for your cat

 If the carrier is mainly to be used for trips to the vet or the cattery, the rule is that the carrier should be one and a half times the size of the cat. Your pet should be able to stand, sit and turn comfortably in the carrier. Cats feel more comfortable in a carrier that is a snug fit – if the carrier is too big your pet would feel less protected and get agitated – especially if your pet slides from side to side because you have difficulty balancing the unit.

When choosing between cat carriers, consider those that offer more than one opening. It is rather difficult to force a cat into a small space. Pet carriers that offer an opening on the top, side and front will make loading your cat into the carrier three times as easy.

A Cosmic Pets carrier is one of the best on the market for cats. With three zippered opening, it is super easy to load and access your cat while travelling. No more scratches on your hands and arms trying to get your cat into the pet carrier!

Best Cat Carriers and Dog Crates For Pet Shows

A Cosmic Pets cat carrier and dog crate is the perfect travel accessory when attending best in breed pet shows. They are ultraportable and collapsible making them easy to transport – all top show dog and cat breeders can be seen using a soft-sided show crates. Flexible and space-saving, soft crates are the perfect solution for show pet owners and breeders.

Cosmic Pets offers a range that is easy to set up and can be folded down in seconds, requiring no tools. They are lightweight, durable and, when not in use it folds down to 7cm for compact storage.

Cosmic Pets show crates are always seen at every pet shows and a favourite with the show and breeder community – offering a stylish pet enclosure that is comfortable and mobile but also solid and spacious.

Cats and dogs are required to spend long periods of time in their show cages during competitions. Three openings make it easy to access your pet for judging and mesh panels ensures that fresh cool air is circulated to keep your pet comfortable.

The top zippered door also makes accessing your dog or cat during a competition convenient when you need to give a treat or a little cuddle without the risk of them running out the show crate and into the crowd.

Available in 9 sizes and a range of colours, to meet your individual show requirements and fit your pet’s personality.


What is a pet playpen

play Pen A pet playpen is a pet accessory in which baby animals such as puppies or kittens or small pets can be placed to keep them out of trouble and harm’s way.

Playpens come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. The popularity of ultra-portable pet playpens has increased as owners travel more with their pets. The best playpens are from durable canvas with additional functionality to remove the base or top cover, as needed. Two side zippered doors improve accessibility and when used outdoors, metal stakes should be included to secure the unit to the ground.  That way your pet is able to enjoy the lovely sunny weather, while the playpen stays securely in one place.

Pet Playpens for Travel

It has never been easier to travel with your pet – the playpen is ideal to keep small and young pets safe and contained, but still having fun with the family. The playpen is a must-have accessory when visiting family or taking your pet on holiday.

Keep your pet safe and secure using the portable pet playpen. When using it outdoors your beloved pet can enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, sitting comfortably in one place.

Pet Playpens for Healing and Confinement

If your pet has injured themselves or after a surgery, the vet might prescribe confinement. This means that the movement your pet would need to be restricted to accelerate healing.

It can be difficult to limit your pet’s movement, but it is of the utmost importance to ensure healing takes place. Confinement is a restriction to a limited area in an effort to prevent prolonged physical exertion.

The smaller the pet, the smaller the confinement space. For a large dog, a very small bedroom might be a good choice, but furniture that could encourage jumping should be removed. A medium sized dog could be kept in a large crate or bathroom and with small or toy breed dogs or with cats confinement to pet playpen is recommended.

A Puppy Playpen helps with House Training

Potty Training has become much easier with a pet playpen. Even the not so bright breeds can now be potty trained quickly, and even the laziest pet owners will have great success when using a puppy playpen.

The idea is to use the puppy playpen to confine the puppy when sleeping or unattended. It is a where your dog can be when not supervised, or when you want to give more space than a crate can offer. So, when you need to pop to the shops quickly or busy around the house and are unable to keep an eye on a busy pup, place him/her in a puppy playpen.


The best possible introduction for a puppy in a new home is by using a playpen. Many new owners let the new puppy roam free and then when accidents happen, from peeing on the carpet to chewing your new shoes, confinement becomes a punishment.

Add a comfortable pet crate or bed on the one side of the playpen and a pee-pad on the other. Dogs will not soil where they sleep. So, when the little munchkin needs to potty will walk over to the pee pad or paper to empty their bladder.

Your new doggy should be given a safe, secure area from the start, and then slowly integrated into the home. A puppy playpen is the ideal pet accessory to avoid chewing accidents, potty accidents, and teaches your pup to be alone.


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