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If you don’t want to Monkey around when it comes to a game of tug of war with your best pal use this primate pull toy instead!

This is the Monkey RopeTugz from ZippyPaws. You might be wondering what makes this tug toy different from other tugs toys on the market besides the fact that it is shaped like a cute monkey. You will notice that unlike other rope toys that are used for tugging this is not regular rope. Instead it is a durable 1.7cm mountain climbing rope. What does that mean? It means this dog toy is super strong, in fact it has a tested to withstand over 500 kilos of weight. That is tough! And will withstand even the strongest tuggers out there!

The Monkey RopeTugz are also easier on the hands of the pet parent as the rope is smoother than the average braided rope. ZippyPaws actually designed this toy to ensure that the rope is looped through the entire body of the monkey. That means that even if Fido is to chew down on the cheerful chip he will still get a mouthful of climbing rope that should inhibit damage to the monkey.

The monkey body has a bumpy texture that will delight your dog, but the real fun happens when you have a loop and so does your buddy! Then it is just a matter of seeing who will give up first!

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