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Dog Pen / Puppy Playpen

Using a Dog Playpen, which is similar to baby playpens, is a wonderful accessory to have when you need to keep small pets out of trouble, to restrict movement while your pet has been prescribed cage rest, or to contain kitten and puppy litters.

A dog playpen offers a secure, comfortable and safe pet enclosure for your small pet when travelling, for temporary confinement or when prescribed cage rest to accelerate healing.
With many different options of puppy pens for sale in South Africa including plastic, wood and wire – we suggest a canvas collapsible pet pen for a small pet, dog or cat confinement needs

Cosmic Pets offers a great range of pet playpens to clients across South Africa.

Collapsible playpens are the best pet pens to use for cats, puppies and small dogs.

Dog Pen with roof

Each playpen includes a removable zippered mesh top covering. This ensures a safe and secure enclosure that will not tempt your pet to jump over the sides of the pet containment system. The pet playpen’s removable top cover is made from mesh to ensure your pet remains inside the containment pen. The mesh playpen cover also offers protection from the sun when used outdoors.

Indoor dog pen with a floor

Cosmic Pets Collapsible pet pens include a removable base or floor. This bottom canvas insert protects your carpets or home when used indoors. The base can be easily removed to clean or if you want to place the playpen in the garden on the grass. Metal stakes are included to secure the playpen to the ground if needed.
Pet Pens for indoor or outdoor use

The foldable fabric dog pen is ultra-portable and can quickly be moved from inside your home to the garden. Pets that have been prescribed cage rest appreciate a change of scenery, and when moved outside in the pet containment system, your pet can enjoy some fresh air and grass under their feet. The dog pen is great for travel and camping with your pet and can be set up anywhere without any hassle.

Dog Playpens that are portable and lightweight

The dog playpen made from a durable canvas material, which makes it ultra-portable and light. It is easy to move inside or outside depending on where it is required. The dog pen is foldable and completely collapsible to fit into a convenient carry bag for compact storage or transport.

Easy to use – Pop-up pet pens

This range of puppy playpens has a pop-up design and requires no assembly! Set up or fold down in seconds without the need of specialised tools. It is also easy to move around once out of the carry case so can be moved from room to room, or the garden without too much hassle.

Easy to clean

The durable fabric that the collapsible pens are made of, can be cleaned effortlessly. Should it be needed, spray with detergent, treat with disinfectant spray (if required), hose off thoroughly, turn upside down and leave to air dry. Do not use bleach as this might cause discolouration to the fabric.

Different Sizes

The portable playpens are available in different sizes, depending on your specific needs.
There is enough room for your pet to stretch their legs while staying out of trouble. You can also comfortably plan the inside to include a dedicated sleeping and feeding area, as well as a potty spot or litter-box.

Medium pet pen measures 45 cm x 58 cm high x 8 panels (114 cm diameter).
X-Large dog pen measures 58 cm x 98 cm high x 8 panels (140 cm diameter)

These pet containment pens are ideal to use when you have a cat, puppy or small to medium sized dog that needs to be confined.

Multiple Access Points

Two large zippered doors on either side of the playpen offer easy access to your pet. If the mesh roof cover is attached, you can create an opening to access your pet from the top by opening the zip slightly, should you be concerned that your cat or dog might dash out through the door!


Pet Playpens

What is a pet playpen


play Pen A pet playpen is a pet accessory in which baby animals such as puppies or kittens or small pets can be placed to keep them out of trouble and harm’s way.

Playpens come in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. The popularity of ultra-portable pet playpens has increased as owners travel more with their pets. The best playpens are from durable canvas with additional functionality to remove the base or top cover, as needed. Two side zippered doors improve accessibility and when used outdoors, metal stakes should be included to secure the unit to the ground.  That way your pet is able to enjoy the lovely sunny weather, while the playpen stays securely in one place.

Pet Playpens for Travel

It has never been easier to travel with your pet – the playpen is ideal to keep small and young pets safe and contained, but still having fun with the family. The playpen is a must-have accessory when visiting family or taking your pet on holiday.

Keep your pet safe and secure using the portable pet playpen. When using it outdoors your beloved pet can enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, sitting comfortably in one place.

Pet Playpens for Healing and Confinement

If your pet has injured themselves or after a surgery, the vet might prescribe confinement. This means that the movement your pet would need to be restricted to accelerate healing.

It can be difficult to limit your pet’s movement, but it is of the utmost importance to ensure healing takes place. Confinement is a restriction to a limited area in an effort to prevent prolonged physical exertion.

The smaller the pet, the smaller the confinement space. For a large dog, a very small bedroom might be a good choice, but furniture that could encourage jumping should be removed. A medium sized dog could be kept in a large crate or bathroom and with small or toy breed dogs or with cats confinement to pet playpen is recommended.

A Puppy Playpen helps with House Training

Potty Training has become much easier with a pet playpen. Even the not so bright breeds can now be potty trained quickly, and even the laziest pet owners will have great success when using a puppy playpen.

The idea is to use the puppy playpen to confine the puppy when sleeping or unattended. It is a where your dog can be when not supervised, or when you want to give more space than a crate can offer. So, when you need to pop to the shops quickly or busy around the house and are unable to keep an eye on a busy pup, place him/her in a puppy playpen.

The best possible introduction for a puppy in a new home is by using a playpen. Many new owners let the new puppy roam free and then when accidents happen, from peeing on the carpet to chewing your new shoes, confinement becomes a punishment.

Add a comfortable pet crate or bed on the one side of the playpen and a pee-pad on the other. Dogs will not soil where they sleep. So, when the little munchkin needs to potty will walk over to the pee pad or paper to empty their bladder.

Your new doggy should be given a safe, secure area from the start, and then slowly integrated into the home. A puppy playpen is the ideal pet accessory to avoid chewing accidents, potty accidents, and teaches your pup to be alone.